Conference Highlights

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Day 1 

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Shifting focus from a mature local market to international mining standards and demand

  • Presenting innovative and effective banking solutions to support existing mining and upcoming operations (Amedeo Anniciello, Chief executive Officer, Standard Bank, DRC)
  • Welcome address : Empowering the mining industry to transform and propel the province forward 
  • Annual report presentation and perspectives for the mining industry : outlook of metals and minerals in 2018 (Simon Tuma Waku, Vice President, Chamber of Mines, DRC)

Where are we going and is there a silver lining ? 

  • What does the new mining code mean for the DRC ? 
  • What are the main changes ? What should mining investors and operations expect ? 
  • How can the DRC remain competitive on the global market ? 

Finding balance between financial discipline and economics : Driving sustainable productivity and guaranteeing bankable projects 

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Becoming a "serial innovator" - What is the recipe for sucess to reach international standards, match exigent demand and remain competitive ?

  • Digital revolution : Can DRC start to reinvent its operatoring model ? 
  • Technology is key : introducing full automation, artificial intelligence and innovate outsourcing 

Friday , 15 June 2018

Day 2

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Commodity Breakfast : Who is taking the spot on the podium ? 

  • Building a success story : Development of an industrial tin mine in North Kivu (Richard Robinson, Managing Director, Alphamin Bisie Mines, DRC)
  • What the future lies for the other minerals with the DRC ? 

Towards a modernised mining and industrial hub for trade and bilateral business

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  • Understanding custom tariffs in the development of the mining industry in RDC (Simon Nzuka Mapengo, Deputy General Manager, DGDA, DRC)
  • Creating a buisness exchange system : How to improve the efficiency of the five trading corrdidors


Sharpening fresh talents and finding skilled labour : Investing into workforce diversity and performance to streamline operations (Chairman : Guy Muswil, Head of sustainability, Ivanohe Mines, DRC) 

Community development : From dependency to partnership and self-empowerment 

  • Community rights : Hoe to transorm ASM's into recognised cooperatives to benefit from their revenues ?
  • Artisanal mining : How to integrate women in more decent jobs around mining activities ? 
  • Are local entities ready to pay a portion of the royalities' revenue ? 

How mining companies could work together to put in place security measures around the mines to prevent violence and attacks from illegal diggers ? 

Participants :

  • André Kapanga, Director General, Tenke Fungurume Mining Kinshasa, DRC
  • Mark Bistrow, CEO, Randgold, UK
  • Gustave Nzeng Rubuz, Chaiman board of Directors, Kamoto Copper Company SA, Kolwezi, DRC

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