DRC Mining Week 2019 will look at projecting the mining outlook to align the growth of the sector on the international trends that will shape the mining industry.

Ten years ago, global trends were looking at price volatility, power shortages, environmental issues, the quality of the assets, sustainability.

Guess what the world of mining is looking at today?

Do more with less. Mega trends will be focused on digitalization, automation, commodities of the future that will ensure a high ROI.

DRC is the world producer of cobalt and the African leader of copper production.

The agenda for 2019 conference will be looking at:

  • The elephant in the room: questions you always wanted to ask about the mining code
  • “Back to the Future”: predicting tomorrow’s commodities and monitoring market development
  • Mega trends that will shape the mining industry by 2050: how is DRC tracking?
  • Doing business with Africa’s largest producer of copper and world’s leading producer of cobalt: generating growth and bilateral trade               
  • Solving the Chinese Puzzle: Ensuring financial turnaround in a risk-taking business environment
  • Catching up with the G7:  Annual Mining Promotion Initiative Briefing
  • “Mining Academy Wanted”: Training your talent and equipping your workforce
  • Journey towards “Zero Harm”: make Health and Safety your priority