In 2019 we will be celebrating the 15th anniversary DRC Mining Week Exhibition and Conference. DRC Mining Week is the region’s largest mining and infrastructure platform, highlighting critical linkages across industry sectors including power and construction. Bringing together over 3000 local and international professionals from more than 45 countries, DRC Mining Week aims to showcase and explore the vast investment opportunities the DRC has to offer. During this years' event you will be able to meet with DRC mining operators, create strategic partnerships or consolidate your footprint in the country.

The DRC Mining Week of 2018 focused on the local challenges of the province as well as the role of the mining industry in social development responsibilities. Katanga is the hub of copper and cobalt mining in the DRC and the commodities future and its challenges were discussed in detail at the 2018 DRC Mining Week.

In our 2017 edition, the two-day conference delved into hot topics and challenges that the mining industry faces.
The pre-conference had a focus on power solutions and delegates engaged into heated and informative discussions.



  • The commercial viability of mining operations – risks and strengths
  • Long term investment capital recovery period
  • Financial stability vs. risk of mine closures
  • Transformation of investment opportunities
  • High commodity prices vs. fall in minerals
  • Key drivers and restraints impacting the mining sector

Solutions / Alternatives

  • Moving forward – overcoming challenges and acknowledging efforts to date
  • Including local communities and improving conditions of mining sites
  • Finding alternatives to improve productivity and cut costs
  • Copper – finding new use and increasing demand
  • Extension of access to communication at mining sites
  • Social programs for mine closure

“Very educational and very informative from real professional people” Serge Ngandu, Madini Minerals

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