DTI Pavillion

The Department of Trade and Industry South Africa (the dti) will showcase solutions to fast track developments in the Mining industry at this year’s DRC Mining Week on 23 - 24 June 2017.

Why is the DRC on the international arena?

The DRC combined effects of investment in the extractive industries in recent years, the new agricultural drive, the liberalisation of the energy sector, and the upgrading of infrastructure are forcing local companies to acquire equipment or partner with foreign companies, in terms of technology, specialised services and training.

How can we help South African businesses?

South African companies are seen as being reliable in quality and seriousness which makes South Africa’s exports to the DRC stood at a high–making the DRC to be ranked amongst South Africa’s top-ten largest key trading partner in the continent.
DRC Mining Week is the ONLY international Expo and Conference for DRC’s mining and infrastructure sector, facilitating suppliers and service providers to meet mining decision makers and industry stakeholders under one roof in the DRC. 

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List of exhibiting companies