Kinsevere Community School Project

Kinsevere Community School Project

Kinsevere Community School is the brainchild of International Christian Community Church (ICCC), based at Poteau 22, Route Kinsevere, Commune Annexe in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo. ICCC is currently involved in such social activities as providing one hot meal every Sunday to over five hundred children in our church and the Commune Annexe community. We also provide water from our borehole at no cost to the community and sponsor the education of twenty-five needy but brilliant kids in the community.

The church has identified education as one area that can help enhance the development of children within and beyond the Commune Annexe community. We have therefore decided to allocate a portion of our four-hectare plot for the establishment of a school for the community. The school will operate DR Congo educational system and will comprise of the following sections

  • Three (3) years of pre-school
  • Six (6) years of primary school
  • Six (6) years of secondary school.

Development Phases.

  • The short (immediate) term plan is to complete the construction of the pre-school section of the project by the end of July 2016.
  • The medium term plan is to complete the construction of the primary school within the next three years, by July 2019.
  • The long term development plan is to commence the construction of the secondary school in September 2019 and complete by July 2026.

When the school is fully operational, we expect to have a total of 570 pupils in any academic year. This will comprise of 90, 120, and 120 for pre-school, primary, and secondary respectively.


Construction of the pre-school section commenced on 13th Feb 2016. The attached picture show the stage of construction as at 16th April 2016. 



To be able to start the operations of the school (Nursery 1 and Primary 1 and 2) in September 2016, we require a further investment. 

The estimated cost of completing the pre-school section of the project is US$247/m2. We have managed to execute the work at this cost because labour and supervision are provided by members of the church who are professionals in the building industry.

Current Corporate Partners

The funds for the work done so far were given by

  • Teichman DRC
  • T3 Drilling
  • M&T DRC
  • MCK Trucks SA


It’s obvious that the church will not be able to finance the school project without the help of organisations and individuals like you. It’s for this reason that we are appealing to you to help fund the construction of the school. Any donation, in cash or building materials, will go a long way to help us achieve our objectives and it will be very much appreciated. We assure you of proper use of your donation. Our construction accounts will be made available to you for scrutiny at anytime.

As our token of appreciation, a plaque will be placed at an appropriate place on the school compound where the names of all sponsors will be acknowledged.

If you would like to sponsor then please contact, Samuel Opare, on tel. no. + 243 81 3310 779 or via email at