Media coverage 2017

DRC Mining Week in the news!

Media attending and covering the event included:

  • Lubumbashi: un forum sur les mines se tient vendredi – 20 June click here 
  • DRC Mining Week 2017 - Ivanhoe homing in on the prize at its giant Kamoa Kakula copper reserve - 23 June click here
  • DRC Mining Week -Gecamines invents production sharing for mines – 23 June click here
  • Mining discord sparked by tensions over power in Katanga – 4 July click here
  • DRC Mining Week 2017 : Ivanhoe toujours plus près du but sur le projet de cuivre géant de Kamoa-Kakula – 22 June click here
  • Pour se renflouer, la Gécamines invente les partages de production – 4 July click here
  • Le Courant nerf de la guerre miniere au Katanga – 4 July click here                                                    
  • Randgold Resources delivering world class DRC mining industry - click here
  • Kenyan Minister of Mines is at #DRCMiningWeek, Congo Minister of Mines is not... figure that one out - 23 June click here  
  • Randgold's Bristow at #DRCMiningWeek "“It is disturbing that the minister of mines and none of his senior team are here" - 23 June click here
  • Lubumbashi s’apprête à accueillir DRC Mining Week - 20 March click here
  • DRC Mining Week expands to connected sectors - 16 March click here
  • World Bank at DRC Mining Week: “pre-competitive geoscience knowledge essential to attract investor interest” click here
  • DRC Mining expo broadens focus to agric, energy, construction - click here
  • Pression des services de l’État sur les entreprises minières : sévère réquisitoire de la FEC - 26 June click here
  • DRC Mining Week : le grand rendez-vous minier s’étend à l'agriculture, l’énergie et la construction – 21 June click here
  • DRC Mining Week : la grand-messe des entreprises minières a vécue – 27 June click here
  • Lubumbashi : la FBNBank offre un dîner de gala somptueux en clôture du DRC Mining Week – 27 June click here
  • DRC Mining Week revient à Lubumbashi et élargit son éventail en introduisant de nouvelles zones d’exposition pour les secteurs de l’agriculture, l’énergie et la construction - 20 April click here 
  • Randgold keen on DRC mining code review, partnerships to develop young industry - 23 June click here
  • Public-private sector partnership can deliver world-class mining industry in DRC click here
  • “The presence of the SA National Pavilion at the DRC Mining Week positions South African companies as leading players in the mining and power sectors…” click here
  • “The DRC Mining week is a great initiative that provides opportunity to local mining..” click here
  • “Sodexo’s presence at DRC Mining Week demonstrates our investment towards a common future of growth and improved competitiveness” click here
  • “The development of the energy sector in the DRC will come through private investments” click here
  • South African presence at DRC Mining Week in Lubumbashi indicates strong interest in DRC mining sector click here
  • Randgold chief calls on Democratic Republic of Congo to work with miners click here – 23 June click here
  • DRC Mining Week in Lubumbashi about to begin click here
  • AMDC's Dr Kojo Busia at DRC Mining Week:"the African Mining Vision truly represents a win-win for all" – click here
  • Charles Nikobasa : «La RDC est un pays de grand potentiel, y investir donne toujours de bons résultats» - click here