Why DRC?


  • Mining industry created over 375 000 job in the DRC and over 1 875 000 Congolese depends on the mining industry
  • 33% increase in diamond production in 2015, contributing to cooperative creation against artisanal mining
  • 32% of growth for gold production in 2015 (25806kgs)
  • Copper represented 89% of total production in 2015
  • The DRC contains almost 10% of the world’s reserves in copper.
  • The DRC detains 34 trillion USD worth of mineral resourses.
  • The country owns a ¼ of the global diamond resrves and is the largest in Africa.
  • With 45% of the global cobalt reserve, the DRC is the 1st largest producer in the world.
  • The agricultural sector continues to fulfil a prominent role in the DRC’s economy. The sector accounted for an estimated 20.6% of GDP in 2015 and employs at least 60% of the population.
  • Government’s current focus on building agro-industrial hubs to serve as a catalyst for growth and provide back and forward linkages in the sector could drive more inclusive growth.
  • DRC’s imports are dominated by electrical equipment, machinery and vehicles.
  • DRC has also courted China to invest in the energy sector. In June 2016, the Congolese government awarded a $660m contract for the construction of the 240MW Busanga hydro-electric project to a consortium of Chinese investors.