About BUMI

DRC Mining Week aligns itself with BUMI to support humanitarian effort in Lubumbashi

BUMI, meaning “LIFE” in the Luba language, is a humanitarian and development NGO founded in 1985 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by Therese Ilunga, Lucien Moser, and friends in the hopes of responding to issues of public health, underdevelopment, poverty, and providing for the protection and education of youth and children in difficult situations (street children, abandoned children, orphans of AIDS). In 1992 Bumi decided to orient their action toward fostering, protecting, and educating these many abandoned or orphaned children.


Located 12 kilometres from Lubumbashi, along the Karavia River, we have set up a project that was very close to our heart: the creation of a village where children who will not find their parents can grow. The idea is to offer a stable family environment and warm and welcoming living conditions, which are paramount to a child’s wellbeing and development. The Karavia plot is currently comprised of four functional houses. Each can welcome 10 to 12 children, supervised by an educator-mum who ensures they are healthy, fed, and educated. A programme supervisor is in charge of coordinating these different entities.

Over 80 children currently live on the site, which means the houses are overpopulated. It is becoming urgent to build a new house. Ultimately, the site should comprise 10 family houses, for a maximal capacity of 120 children.

Needs and Difficulties

  • Urgently building a new family house for children under 8 years old. Currently, 32 children are living in a 12-place house, sleeping 3 or 4 per bed.
  • Completing the external fence of the site in order to protect houses and children from theft, runaways, and outside intrusions.
  • Drilling a drinking water well to supply the houses, latrines, and dispensary with clean water. Only one of our houses is currently connected to the REGIDESO (national water distribution management).
  • Building and renovating lavatories in the houses. There are currently 2 toilets for over 20 children, so some bathe in the river, contrary to basic hygiene standards.
  • Making progress in the construction and gearing up of the health centre to soon being able to provide appropriate care to school children and the community.
  • Completing renovations in the school: flooring; plastering interior and exterior walls; installing electricity in six classrooms; building latrines, an office, and a meeting room for the board.
  • Creating a football pitch where the BUMI team can train. Football is a great way to involve children and prevent them from going back to the streets.
  • Developing our agropastoral programme: for our ponds, installing a motorized pump, irrigation pipes, and a reservoir – allowing vegetable farming even during dry season; production could thus feed our children and occasionally be sold so that BUMI can become a self-sufficient organisation.


Head Office | Association BUMI | 7 Karavia Avenue, Kamalondo Commune, Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Tel: 00243. 00243. | Email: info@bumi-rdc.org | rdcbumi@hotmail.com

Want to know more about the project? DOWNLOAD BUMI PRESENTATION 2017