Technical workshops highlights

Workshop day 1 : 14 June 2018

Mining production and operations: where technology meets with innovation for growth  


Session 1.1 : Technology Optimisation : Understanding the mining life cycle services

Session 1.2 : Artisanal Miners: How to discover more gold

Session 1.3 : Technology Shout out : An open stage to showcase solutions

  • Spectrometer Technologies 
  • Inter Oriental Builders (IOB)
  • Accutrak (Electronic and Technology Specialist)

Session 1.4 : Mining and health management
Fight against malaria: When technology strengthens the fight to roll back malaria; the Fionet project

Session 1.5: Rapid Ore Identification at the mining face – a key enabler for Smart Ore Movement

  • MineSense Technologies and industry challenges.

Workshop day 2 : 15 June 2018 

Community Development


Session 2.1 :  Community Development (CSR) by Local SME’s
How to access mining subcontracting through entrepreneurship of young people and women?

 Session 2.2 : Ending mining company’s anonymity
Ending mining company’s anonymity: The key to fighting corruption


Session 2.3 : Afridex and explosive products for civil use


Session 2.4 :  How can small-scale miners’ access energy at lower costs adaptable to their activities 

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