Technology Hub

DRC Mining Week Technology Hub is officially presented to you by MAPTEK:

“Enabling mining companies to operate with greater efficiency, safety, productivity and profitability" 



Exclusively this year, Maptek will be presenting a Tech Hub where attendees can learn about a variety of the latest technologies, methods and techniques and how they are benefiting mining operations. It will be also an excellent platform for them to meet, network, discuss and share knowledge.


What will you learn at the Maptek Technology Hub?


- How to get a clearer, more representative picture of the value of your resource.

How to integrate operation wide processes and systems to ensure everyone has access to up-to-date valuable data.

How to schedule operations so that they deliver sustainable low costs and greater value, early in the life of mine.

- How to ensure your as-built mine matches your mine design and, why that’s so important.

- How to maximise the accuracy and efficiency of your blasting and extraction activities, in order to reduce costs and improve productivity.



The Technology Hub detailed programme will be available soon


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