Free technical workshops


09:00 - 10:00


10:30 - 11:15                        

Session 1.1: Artisanal Miners: How to discover more gold

  • How Minelab detectors will help to find you more gold for artisanal miners?
  • What tools are adaptable and cost effective for small operations?
  • How to insure you maintain the performance of your Detector?

Presented by:

Christopher Higgins, Business Development Manager, Minelab MEA General Trading LLC ,  Dubai

11:30 - 12:15

Session 1.2: How to get more out of your mine: Learn how technology can help your mine get more payloads and production, longer equipment life, and better safety.

  • How to use technology to boost your productivity
  • How technology could help to reduce cost

Presented by:

Gerhard van Deventer, Sales Manager Africa, Wencomine, South Africa

12:30 - 13:30           


13:45 - 14:15

Session 1.3:Understanding Whittle software: Advanced strategic scheduling tools, multi-mine scheduling and simultaneous optimisation

  • How the small scale miners will benefit from the workshop 
  • What 3D Dassault Systems are punting/training on

Presented By:

Stacy Epiga, Civil Mining Engineer, Dassault Systemes, South Africa

14:30 - 15:30

Session 1.4: Technology Shout out : An open stage to showcase mining solutions and best practices

 German - Pavilion

Presented by:

Senior Representatives,  German Companies, Germany

15:40 - 16:40

Session 1.5: Technology Shout out : An open stage to showcase mining solutions and best practices

 Department of Trade and Industry - Pavilion

Presented by:

Senior Representatives,  DTI Companies, South Africa

END of Day 1

Workshop Day 2: Thursday 21 June 2019

09:30 - 10:00          


10:00 - 11:00

Session 2.1: Understanding the relationship between Cooperatives- Sub-contracting and mining operators

  • What is a cooperative- what are the legal aspects of a cooperative and how beneficial it is?
  • How to become a sub-contractor- what is the process and what is needed?
  • Understanding mining companies, how to approach them and how to draw a proposal for calls for tenders?
  • Assessing your business plan: How viable and credible is your sub-contracting? 

Presented by:

Kakel Mbumb, Vice President, Réseau Solidaire des Jeunes Entrepreneurs du Congo (Resojec), DRC

Safi Fannel Ngumbe, Coordinator Africa 4hergrandKatanga Event, DRC 

Papi Muipatayi, CSR Advisor, Consortium pour le Développement de Tenke Fungurume (CODETEF),  DRC


11:15 - 12:15

Session 2.2: Technology Shout out: An open stage to showcase  mining solutions and best practices

Zimbabwean -Pavilion

  • What are the issues of disclosure of the beneficial owners

Presented by:

Senior Representatives, Zimbabwean Companies

12:30 - 13:30


13:45 - 14:15

Session 2.3: Mining and health management

Prevention is better than cure: Fionet project  one of the ways to  fight against malaria in local communities

Presented by:

Guy Muswil, Head of Sustainability, Kamoa Copper SA, Ivanhoe Mines, DRC

14:25 - 15:25

Session 2.4: Technology Shout out: An open stage to showcase mining solutions and best practices

CCI Franco-Congolese - Pavilion

Presented by:

Senior Representatives,  Franco- Congolese Companies, France

15:35 - 16:05

Session 2.5: Community rights: Understanding the law: What benefits are there for the artisanal and small scale miners?

  • What are the laws provided by the mining code on rural and artisanal communities?
  • What impact on their productions and operations? 

Presented by:

Mamie Ndaya Ilunga,  Judicial Advocate, High Court, DRC

16:15 - 16:45

Session 2.5: The integration of  artisanal women : An important contribution in to the development of mines in the DRC

- Category of women engaging in mining for household

  • Diggers, 
  • Sand carriers,
  • Mineral washers, 
  • Precious stones breakers
  • Cooperative leaders
  • Water carriers 
  • Seller

- Positive aspects involve in the process

- Potential negative aspects involve in the process

  • The contribution of women in mining for community development

Presented by:

Kelly Kembia Wa Kapenda, Executive Secretary, National Network of Women in Mines,  DRC

17:00  End of Workshop Programme