‘We are very satisfied to have been able to take part in DRC Mining Week which allowed us to learn a lot and deepen our knowledge’Kampuma Malumba James, Dealer, Casino Salut

‘We’ve spent beneficial moments of sharing at DRC Mining week’, Christian Byakoukou, Géologue, SRK Consulting

‘My highlight was the participation to the technical workshops. I would like to see the company Afrimax run one of them for 2017’, Olivier Tshilembi, Representant, La Dose Pharma

‘I was amazed by the presentation from the company Aggreko on their generator’, Mutonkole Lunda Christian, Ingénieur des Mines (Indépendant)

‘I have been impressed by the new products presented by Mogas and Congo Energy and the new technologies presented by Schlumberger and Onlime. The entrepreneurial aspect from the technical workshops was of a very high importance’, Patrick Mukendi Wa Kazadi, Ingénieur Civil en chimie industrielle, Faculté Polytechnique


‘Good organisation which allowed us to increase our contracts with companies and investors’, Pro Credit Bank

‘We made very good contacts and we give our encouragements to the organisers’, MD Services

‘We have been very satisfied by the contacts made and the venue where the event was held’, Sesomo sarl

‘We liked the opportunities of collaboration and we had the opportunity to make business deals, with Beka Schreder in particular’, AEL

‘We have confirmed some orders from local mining companies’, Wheals Construction Ltd

‘We made very promising business deals during the event’, Steelcor Power