Testimonial 2018

“Well done on a well organised and well run event. It was fruitful and I personally got to meet very key contacts that I would have never dreamt of meeting in such a relaxed setting. The conferences and briefings were very insightful and informative and a lot of misconceptions I had about the DRC were corrected. The networking opportunity created was unlike any other. The venue provided for us to showcase our wares was excellent and the house keeping was perpetual so the stands were always clean. I cannot criticise anything from the registration, meals, meetings and information but I will kindly ask that next time provide ablution facilities nearer the stands.”
Mrs.Jacqueline sithole, Commercial director, Lamcast Refractories, ZIMBABWE

“This conference was a good platform for B2B networking and an opportunity to showcase products and solutions. I hope that this event will come back on an annual basis.”
Mrs. Cecilia Malawana , Sales consultant , Bigradap Technologies, DRC

"The organisation of the event was good and I particularly enjoyed the level of the speakers. The questions asked and the level of debates was highlight relevant."
M. Philipe Muteba, DRC

“I am really happy to testify on the quality of the technical workshops presented at the event. The selection of themes and the quality of the presentations were fulfilling and instructive”.
M. Michel Nyembue Kibambi, Geologist, Starter Consulting, DRC

"Very important meeting for the mining sector, beautiful setting, and the quality of the speakers is excellent. I appreciated the diversity of themes, as well as their length."
M. Thierry Ntumba, Secretary general, 
Banro Corporation, DRC

"A great opportunity for young entrepreneurs to better understand the business world and understand the realities of the mining business."
M. Michel zebwa, Afride, DRC