Conference Highlights

Conference highlights DRC Mining Week 2022




Focus areas
• Energy deficit that slows down the development of the mining industry
• High cost of construction of photovoltaic power plants
• Difficulty in raising funds for the construction of hydroelectric power plants

• Optimise existing hydroelectric power plants
• Build new hydroelectric and photovoltaic power plants for domestic use
• Import electricity from neighboring countries (such as Zambia and Congo-Brazzaville) given the presence of existing high-voltage lines
• Make energy legislation and regulation more incentive based
• Accelerate ongoing projects (Tembo Power, Kipay Investment)
• Encourage the sharing of energy resources between states


Focus areas
Insufficient geophysical data for mining operators in general and juniors in particular
• The multiplicity of barriers on the road and rail routes
• The lack of adequate financial mechanisms to finance mining research
• Women’s difficulty in accessing finance for activities related to the mining sector
• The existence of geographical areas not yet covered by telecommunications networks
• Failure to comply with the “duty of care” linked to the exploitation of metals that contributes to the green transition
 • The exclusion of cement plants located in the DRC from the tax and customs regime of the Mining Code
• Scarcity of industrial projects, with the exception of the Great Lake Cimentery (GLC) projects in Kabimba and Dathcom in Manono
• The absence of a code of ethics and compliance for junior companies and the nonapplication of said code by certain major companies

• Put in place a national geological data bank containing information that can attract investors in the field of exploration
• The construction of new ports and the modernisation of infrastructure of existing ports
• The orientation of part of the funds generated by the Mining Fund towards the financing of mining projects and the certification of reserves
• Encouraging women in revenue-generating activities in artisanal mining sites
• Deployment of VSAT, Wi-Fi, and LTE solutions for remote areas
• Compliance with the OECD Due Diligence Guidance
• Protect the local cement industry, in particular through tax incentives such as the broader benefits provided for in the Mining Code and customs protection measures
• Encourage the efforts made by Dathcom (AVZ) to accelerate the construction of the lithium ore processing plant
• Help junior companies improve in ethics and compliance

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