CSR Project: BUMI

What is BUMI

What is BUMI

DRC Mining Week aligns itself with BUMI to support humanitarian effort in Lubumbashi. BUMI, meaning “LIFE” in the Luba language, is a humanitarian and development NGO founded in 1985 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by Therese Ilunga, Lucien Moser, and friends in the hopes of responding to issues of public health, underdevelopment, poverty, and providing for the protection and education of youth and children in difficult situations (street children, abandoned children, orphans of AIDS). In 1992 Bumi decided to orient their action toward fostering, protecting, and educating these many abandoned or orphaned children.

How can I help BUMI?

Every little bit of help sincerely goes a long way at BUMI Village in Lubumbashi, DRC! Calling all our valued sponsors and exhibitors to assist BUMI Village; the CSR project of choice. Any expertise, services and/or products you can offer is needed!

We have gone the extra mile and requested BUMI for a short list of exactly where they require assistance, below are their humble requests as a guide.

1. Construction material  -  Requirements:
  • Building a new family house for the children and new sanitary facility
  • Complete the boundary wall/fence (security separation)
2. Carpentry and wood works - Requirements:
Houses and school furniture for the children
  • School benches
  • Dining hall tables
  • Benches
  • Bunk beds
  • Shelves
3. Health care material - Requirements: Taking care of the children’s overall health at the health care centre
  • Pharmaceuticals products for the most common diseases and infections
  • Medical equipment: ultrasound scanner, trails, etc. • laboratory material
  • recovery beds (second hand also appreciated)
4. Agriculture and farming material  - Requirements: Upgrading of BUMI onsite vegetable and livestock farm
The farm was developed to train the youth on farming, vegetable and meat produce from farm is used for student consumption and sale for extra finance. Requesting:    • Agriculture water pump
  • Seeds
  • Tiller (second hand also appreciated)
  • Irrigation system
  • Veterinary products
5. Additional requirements:
  • Stationary kits for the next back-to-school season
  • Drilling of a borehole
  • Utility vehicle (for the general BUMI works and farming activities) (second hand also appreciated)
BUMI's designed and structured programme, yet caring processes require assistance to ensure the programme keeps running.
Get involved to lend a helping hand for BUMI Village in DRC!

Contact us today!
If you wish to offer any services or products towards this CSR project, or need more specific information on what to offer please contact:
BUMI Village on: Sarah Moser | sarah@bumi-rdc.org  | +243 - 821 115 763