Recorded Sessions

KEYNOTE: Impact of COVID-19 on DRC mining: what will the industry look like tomorrow?

Panel discussion: How can existing and emerging players become/remain successful in the DRC?

International trade briefing: how did the pandemic affect trade in the DRC?

Panel discussion: Which commodities are showing more resilience amid COVID-19 and why?

Power to the mines: A finger on the pulse of power projects in DRC

Local content and capacity building post-Covid-19: opportunity to build an efficient “made in DRC” business model?

Panel discussion: Health and Safety: Is there a new “modus operandi” to run mining operations in the DRC?

Panel discussion: "The other side of the coin": Can we expect an acceleration into digitized mining economy due to Covid-19?

Panel discussion: « La lumière au bout du tunnel »: Avancée des projets énergétiques en RDC